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Journey from Japan’s Finest Gardens to Your Cup

Welcome to the world of Daigyo, a haven where the ancient tradition of Japanese tea meets the modern lifestyle of tea enthusiasts. Rooted in the rich heritage of Japan’s first-harvested, organic matcha, Daigyo is a story of passion, quality, and the pursuit of perfection

Our Story | From Japan’s Tea Fields to the Heart of Canada

Born from a deep-seated respect for the art of tea, Daigyo emerged from the verdant tea gardens of Japan. We began our journey with a simple mission: to introduce the essence of high-quality, organic Japanese tea to the world. Our commitment led to the birth of Daigyo Cafe in Toronto and Vancouver, where we celebrated the success of bringing authentic tea experiences to a growing community of matcha lovers. Now, we’re extending our reach through the digital realm to bring the unparalleled taste of our premium selection directly into your homes.

Why Daigyo? | A Sip Above: The Daigyo Difference

At Daigyo, ‘premium’ is not just a label—it’s our promise. Our direct partnerships with revered Japanese tea farms ensure that only the finest leaves grace your cup. We are proud to offer an array of teas that are as rich in history as they are in flavor. Our pricing philosophy is simple: exceptional tea should not be a luxury but a daily pleasure. With Daigyo, you don’t just buy tea—you become part of a culture that celebrates life’s refined pleasures without pretense.

Our Mission | Cultivating Joy, One Leaf at a Time

Our mission transcends the act of drinking tea. We are ambassadors of Japanese culture, bringing you not just a beverage but an experience that blends harmony, wellness, and the joy of shared moments. Whether for a personal retreat or for grand occasions, Daigyo is dedicated to making every sip an affair to remember.

Join us on this exquisite journey. With Daigyo, it’s more than just tea—it’s a lifestyle that honors the legacy of Japanese tea craftsmanship. Here’s to the moments we’ll share, steeped in the world’s finest leaves.

Ready to experience the Daigyo difference? Explore our selection and find your perfect tea today.

Why Choose Daigyo?

Authentic Selection | From Japan's Gardens to Your Cup

Our shelves boast a curated collection of Japan’s finest teas. We’re passionate about delivering a genuine experience from the first sip, ensuring each product captures the essence of its Japanese roots. With Daigyo, tradition is just a cup away.

Premium Quality | Crafted with Care, Enjoyed with Confidence

We don’t compromise on quality. Our teas, celebrated for their pure and vibrant flavor, come from the first harvest — a symbol of premium quality. Daigyo’s direct relationships with tea farms guarantee that you’re enjoying the best of the best.

Local Heart, Global Spirit | Your Neighborhood Matcha Destination

Daigyo’s heart beats in Toronto and Vancouver, where our Matcha Cafes have become a local favorite. This community spirit powers our online store, offering a personalized shopping experience that’s as welcoming as our cafe doors.

What Our Customers Say

Discovering Daigyo has been a revelation for my daily tea ritual. The depth of flavor in their first-harvest matcha is something I’ve not found anywhere else. It’s like a daily trip to Japan without leaving my kitchen in Vancouver. Truly exceptional!

Emma L., Vancouver, BC

As a serious tea enthusiast, I’ve tried countless varieties, but Daigyo’s selection has captivated my palate. The rich, earthy tones of their roasted rice green tea powder are unmatched. It’s clear they source with care and expertise.

Aiden S., Toronto, ON

I’ve always been a coffee person until I walked into Daigyo’s cafe on a whim. The welcoming atmosphere and knowledgeable staff introduced me to the world of high-quality Japanese tea. Now, their online store is my go-to for restocking my pantry with the finest teas available.

Maria G., Toronto, ON


1. What inspired the creation of Daigyo?

Answer: Daigyo was born from a passion for authentic Japanese tea culture and the desire to share its exquisite flavors and health benefits with the world. Our journey began with the opening of Daigyo Cafes in Toronto and Vancouver, spaces where the community could gather and explore the art of Japanese tea. Our success in these cities inspired us to expand online, bringing our carefully curated selection directly to customers’ homes.

2. How does Daigyo ensure its teas are organic and sustainably sourced?

Answer: We are committed to sustainability and ethical sourcing practices. Our partnerships with Japanese tea farms are built on mutual respect for the environment and traditional farming methods. Each farm is carefully vetted to ensure they meet our high standards for organic certification and sustainable practices, ensuring our teas are pure, healthy, and produced with care for the earth.

3. How can I visit Daigyo Cafes in Toronto and Vancouver?

Answer: Absolutely! We welcome tea lovers to visit our cafes, where you can experience our full range of teas in a warm and inviting atmosphere. Each location offers a unique menu of tea-based beverages, expertly crafted by our skilled baristas, along with a selection of tea-related products. It’s a perfect way to immerse yourself in the world of Daigyo.

4. What makes Japanese tea unique compared to other types of tea?

Answer: Japanese tea is renowned for its diverse range of flavors, meticulous production methods, and deep-rooted cultural significance. Unique practices, such as shade-growing for matcha, contribute to the distinctive taste profiles, rich umami flavors, and vibrant green colors. Japanese tea is not just a beverage; it’s an experience, reflecting centuries of tradition and craftsmanship.

5. How does Daigyo contribute to the community?

Answer: Community is at the heart of Daigyo. Beyond offering a gathering space in our cafes, we actively engage in community events, tea education workshops, and sustainability initiatives. We believe in giving back and fostering a sense of connection through shared experiences and the universal language of tea.

6. Does Daigyo offer any educational resources about Japanese tea?

Answer: Yes, we are passionate about educating our customers on the rich history, varieties, and brewing techniques of Japanese tea. Our website features a blog with informative articles, brewing guides, and cultural insights. Additionally, our cafes host regular workshops and tasting events led by our tea experts.

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