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From Japan’s Heart to Your Cup

The Daigyo Difference Unveiled

Welcome to Daigyo, where the spirit of Japan flows in every cup of our carefully-harvested, organic matcha. Born from the emerald tea gardens of Japan and perfected in the urban oasis of Daigyo Cafe in Toronto and Vancouver, we’re now brewing online to share the joy of premium tea with you at home. Direct from the source, our leaves whisper the story of Japan’s ancient tea culture, offering a retreat in every sip. Daigyo isn’t just a name; it’s your ticket to a world where taste, tradition, and the finest blends meet.

Savor the Authentic

Affordable Luxury in Every Leaf

Why Daigyo? Because life’s too short for ordinary tea. We bring you the vibrancy of Japan’s tea culture in a cup, without the premium price tag. Our direct farm partnerships allow us to serve you the cream of the crop at down-to-earth prices. From serene sips to the perfect pour for a crowd, Daigyo is your go-to for a tea that’s as authentic as it is accessible. Embrace the blend of heritage and health in our curated collection — it’s not just tea, it’s a lifestyle. Let’s celebrate the art of Japanese tea together. Welcome to the Daigyo difference.


Join the Daigyo Family

Dive into the exquisite world of Daigyo and experience the richness of authentic Japanese tea culture. From the serene tea fields of Japan to your cup, we bring you a curated selection of premium, organic teas. Don’t just take our word for it — our satisfied customers speak volumes. Ready to elevate your tea experience?

Discovering Daigyo has been a revelation for my daily tea ritual. The depth of flavor in their first-harvest matcha is something I’ve not found anywhere else. It’s like a daily trip to Japan without leaving my kitchen in Vancouver. Truly exceptional!

Emma L., Vancouver, BC

As a serious tea enthusiast, I’ve tried countless varieties, but Daigyo’s selection has captivated my palate. The rich, earthy tones of their roasted rice green tea powder are unmatched. It’s clear they source with care and expertise.

Aiden S., Toronto, ON

I’ve always been a coffee person until I walked into Daigyo’s cafe on a whim. The welcoming atmosphere and knowledgeable staff introduced me to the world of high-quality Japanese tea. Now, their online store is my go-to for restocking my pantry with the finest teas available.

Maria G., Toronto, ON

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